Wheel Kits for Portable Generators

In today’s busy world, most generators are portable and lightweight, but not all of them. Some are still rather heavy. Therefore, some of them are on wheels to make them even more portable. Unfortunately, this is not always an option either. That is why there are wheel kits available for less-than-portable generators to make them more portable. To see if it is the accessory you have been waiting on; why not learn more about the available wheel kits for portable generators.

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What is Wheel Kit For Generator Useful for?

Honda Generator Wheel KitEven the most portable generator available will still weigh a good bit, especially if it is filled with fuel. Therefore, wheel kits are available to make your life easier when trying to transport your portable generator. Wheels kits include wheels and an axle with all bolts, nuts, and other items that you will need. Some kits even will come preassembled so that you simply have to load your generator and pull it to where you want it.

How Do You Install Wheel Kits?

Most wheel kits are designed to be easy to put together. Some only require you to set the generator on a wagon. Others, like the Champion generator wheel kit, are individual pieces and parts that you have to assemble by attaching the wheel axel to the generator and attaching the wheels. Then you install a handle to making it easier to move your generator about. However, all generator wheel kits will have their own recommendation. You should follow the instructions for your particular generator or the universal generator wheel kit that you choose. For more information about generators and the type of wheel kits they require, you will have to ask the manufacturer or look at the wheel kits below to see if there is one that will work for you.

Best Wheel Kits for Portable Generators

1. All Terrain Wheel Kit

Honda All Terrain Wheel Kit

This is a Honda generator wheel kit. It is designed to work with EU3000is generators. Included is 10in solid never flat tires. It has heavy duty bearings and includes all necessary hardware, 4 axles, and end caps. Detailed installation instructions are also included. 


2. Champion Power Equipment Mobility Kit

Generator Wheel Kit for Champion Generators

This Champion Power equipment wheel kit is easy to install. It has two never flat wheels and a steel axle. The handle folds away when not in use and it does have a support leg to help with vibrations. It is designed to fit the 3500W model generator.t has an overall rating of 4.6-stars and installs in minutes.


3. DuroStar Wheel Kit

DuroStar Generator Wheel Kit

This wheel kit fits the DS4000S. It has never flat tires and a center pull handle. It is also affordably priced and has many five-star ratings. Everything you need is included in your purchase.


4. Honda Generator Handi Cart Kit

Honda Generator Handi Cart

Using genuine Honda parts, this wheeled cart has two wheels and a transport strap included. It works well with both the EU2000i and the EU2000 generators. You will never have to lift your generator again with this cart.