Westinghouse WH7500E Generator Review

Are you looking for a highly rated and high powered generator? Are you looking for a generator set that is powerful enough to give electricity to an entire house? This Westinghouse generator review will give you a sneak peak as to how this generator set performs. When choosing a backup power supply you should not just buy the first gen set that you see online, you have to weigh all your options especially if you are considering to spend about $500 – $2000 on a generator set.

The Westinghouse Company has manufactured different types of generator sets since they began. It was in 1886 that George Westinghouse was able to introduce to the world the alternating current electrical system. The name itself exudes quality and with the Westinghouse portable generators, you might just be purchasing one of your best investments.Westinghouse Portable Generator Review

But there are so many factors when considering investing in an expensive machine like generators. Why does this make a good at home generator? Here is a full review of why we think this westinghouse wh7500e portable generator is worth looking at:

Westinghouse WH7500E Generator Product Details

  • Portable gas-powered generator with 4-stroke, 420cc overhead valve engine; electric and manual start
  • 7,500 running watts and 9,000 starting watts
  • Quiet operation via Pulse-Flo muffler; simplified control center; LCD hour meter
  • Full enclosure protects electrical connections from debris and weather; four 120-volt and one 120/240-volt twist outlets
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California


  1. User-friendly operation – Any three year old who knows how to use a tablet can have it up and running. On this machine you can start it up by manual start or through electric start. It has an LCD hour meter which can let see how it is functioning.
  2. Overload indicator – Sometimes you won’t notice that your usage is actually beyond what the machine can handle. Even if it has 4 outlets it doesn’t mean that you have to overload it with all your major appliances. You have to take care of it even if it is  used with heavy duty equipment. With an overload indicator you will minimize the possibility of damaging the machine.
  3. Efficiency mode – If you do not want the power to be in its full load, you can set it to efficiency mode which can make it run even longer than 12 hours. This efficiency mode also helps in the fuel consumption.
  4. Less Noise – It has a quiet operation muffler that minimizes the noise emitted from this unit. It is definitely a whole lot quieter than diesel generator sets available in the market.
  5. Power – Its running wattage can go up to 7500. It can supply power to your electric fan, light bulbs, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, heater, microwave, window AC unit and other appliances. In a big house or a small business establishment you should have a generator set like this which you can rely on during power outages.
  6. Outlets – It has four outlets which is definitely something that is of great value in this generator set. You can plug four appliances at the same time.
  7. Run Time – It is one of the best features of this Westinghouse generator. It can run up to 12 hours on a full tank of gas with run time at 50% load. This is probably one of the reasons why you should buy this gen set. Although other Westinghouse generator sets can run up to 14 hours, the run time on this set is good enough especially for keeping your air-conditioning running all night during a hot summer night. It definitely has a longer runtime than most generators.


  1. Weight – It weighs 211 pounds. It is not that heavy but it is heavy for a portable generator set. It is designed to be a portable set especially because there are wheels attached at the bottom of the unit, but the weight is not really compensated by the wheels installed in the unit. It still is heavy to transport from one place to another.
  2. Price – You should always consider the price when purchasing a generator set. This is not that expensive but still can create a hole in your pocket. There are cheaper generator sets of the same specifications and even more portable than this which are available on the market.

Who Should Buy The Westinghouse Portable Generator?

This is recommended for homeowners who need a power supply back up during outages. It is also recommended for people who have plenty of appliances at home which need to be plugged 24/7 and also for businesses that have freezers, computer servers which need to have 24 hour electricity. If you are not much of a technical or industrial person and do not know much about generators, this is the perfect gas generator for you. Because of its easy user friendly controls, you won’t have any trouble of operating the system with just a few quick steps. It has a failsafe functions for beginners like you and me.

Westinghouse Portable Generator Review

Why Buy The Westinghouse?

Buy it because it is a heavy duty generator set that can run long hours. It is one of the generators sets available in the market which can run in long periods of time. Most generator sets, even diesel generator sets, only run up to 7 hours with 50% load but this generator can supply you with 50% load of power for 12 hours or even more. Another reason to buy this is that because it is so easy to operate. The LCD helps you out in using the machine. The on and off switch on this machine is just like turning a light on and off.

Overall Impressions

Overall, this is truly a great buy mainly because of everything you get from it. It is one of the best generators manufactured on sale in the market. You get value for your money because of the functionality, the run time, the design and build among other things. This is definitely recommended for homes and small business establishments.

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