Smarter Tools Generator Reviews

When it comes time to choose a new generator, most people want a quality product at a cheap price. However, as you look around, you may discover that some of the best engines also have a price tag that makes them virtually unaffordable. That is where the Smarter Tools brand generator is impressing people. It is an affordable generator that features the same engine as much higher priced generators. Rumor has it, it is comparable to the Yamaha generator. Our Smarter Tools generator reviews will tell you if there is truth to the rumors.

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Features of Smarter Tool Generators

The Smarter Tool company is US based with their headquarters in Ashland Virginia. Their primary goal is to provide customers with high-quality products at a competitive price whether they are in the market for generators, welders, or other equipment. These generators have an electric start and they are compliant with EPA requirements. Some are also CARB compliant. They promise to be quieter than other generators and are very portable.

What Kind of Engine Does the Smarter Tools Use?

One of the biggest reasons some people love the Smarter Tools inverter generator is the fact that it is powered by a Yamaha engine. This basically means that you are going to have a Yamaha generator without the Yamaha price tag.

How Does Smarter Tools Compare to Yamaha Generators?

Even though the Smarter Tools 2000 watt generator is powered by a Yamaha engine, many people still worry about the actual quality of the generator. Therefore, we want to give you a little bit of an idea on how these two types of generators compare and how they are different.

Both the Yamaha and the Smarter Tools generators come with a warranty, but you have to register your product before you can take advantage of it. With the Smarter Tools generator, there is a trained technician who will attempt to help you repair it over the phone. If this is unsuccessful, they will help you find a local repair shop.

Yamaha does, on average, have an overall higher rating, but this is most likely due to the fact that people love Yamaha. They both appear to have the same reliability, but most people do tend to spend more for the Yamaha brand name than they will for the Yamaha engine. This is shocking considering the fact that two comparable size generators have a price difference of more than $100.

Both types of generators can also be run in parallel to give you more power. All you need to do is purchase the parallel inverter kit. To help you see more about your generator options, why not take a look at the Smarter Tools generator reviews below.

Best Smarter Tools Generators

Smarter Tools Inverter Generator

Smarter Tools 2000W Generator

The Smarter Tools 2000 watt inverter generator uses Sine wave technology that will allow you to power sensitive equipment such as laptops and computers. It is quiet at only 51 dBA and it is small and compact so that you can use it anywhere. It does use regular gasoline, but it meets all EPA standards.


Smarter Tools ST-GP4750EB

Smarter Toolers 4750 Portable Generator

This Smarter Tools generator does not use the Yamaha engine, but it does have an electric start. It gives you 4750 starting watts and 3600 continuous watts of power for up to 10 hours at a 50% load. It is a little noisy at 72 dB, but it is EPA and CARB approved.


Smarter Tools Inverter Generator Parallel Kit

Parallel Generator Kit For Smarter Tools

If you want to run two generators together, you can use this kit. It has a cable that is 6ft long. There is a dual pin connector and ground cable on it for each of the generators. It is approved for all 30A/3600W generators.