Small Marine Generator Reviews

Not all boats are able to handle a large, permanently installed generator. That is why there are portable generators available. Many are turning to portable or even wind generators as a power solution when a permanent generator is not an option. Are you ready to consider what a small marine generator can do for you?

Why Choose a Small Generator?

Large boats have an endless amount of space, even though they may still be small. A large generator is perfect for running refrigerators and cook stoves, which not all boats have room for. Therefore, if you have a small sailboat or a boat with a cabin where you can put a television or charge up your laptop, a small gas generator will be sufficient. It will take up less space and provide an excellent power output for a fraction of what you may be expecting to pay.

Things to Consider Before Using Small Marine Generators

You cannot keep your portable generator inside the cabin or below deck. This is because they require a lot of ventilation. Gas powered generators emit carbon monoxide exhaust and therefore it is not safe to keep them in a contained area. If you do not have a lot of deck space to put a generator, you will want to consider one of the smallest generators available, the Yamaha EF2000iS. You can read more about it in our full Yamaha Review, but it is CARB compliant and gives you more than enough power to use your laptop or charge your cell phone.Yamaha Portable Generator Better Than Cheap Generator

You should also consider how much noise the generator will make. If you choose the Honda EU2000I, it promises to be super quiet, but some people still say that there is noise. You can read the full Honda Review for it here, but it is a viable option on a boat because it provides 2000 watts of power.

Price is an issue for many people, but they do not want to sacrifice quality for the price of it. Generac generators, such as the Generac iQ2000 are perfect for marine use when you want quality and budget-friendly. It does not use as much fuel as some of the other generators that are available. It is also equal in wattage to the other generators of a similar size. You can read the full Generac review here if you want to see how well it compares in other ways.Generac iQ 2000 Portable Marine Generator

A Better Option than the Marine Gas Generator

Marine Wind GeneratorA gas marine generator is perfect for some people, but it is not ideal for others. Even though there are a lot of options for you to choose from when looking for a marine generator for sale, it is not always a perfect solution. This is why some people are now considering the ECO-Worthy 12 Volts, 500 Watt Wind Solar Powered System. It saves you the expense of gas and it does not have to take up all of the space on your boat’s deck. However, when you have it set up you will draw 400W from the wind turbine and 100 watts from the polycrystalline solar panel. You can purchase the kit to install it for very little money and it will work in most all marine environment situations. More On Eco-Worth 12V System⇒