Ryobi 2200 Inverter Generator Review

Ryobi 2200 Inverter GeneratorThe Ryobi 2200 generator provides you with 2,200 starting watts and 1,800 running watts, which makes it powerful enough to handle most RVs, travel trailers and essential home functions during a power outage. It is usually enough to run refrigerators and stoves, a small air conditioner, and more.

It operates very quietly. Most people having a conversation will talk louder than the generator runs.

It has a 4-cycle engine and 106cc OHC. This means it has a solid engine that can easily provide enough power for the two 120-volt outlets and the single 12-volt outlet.

If you purchase it and then feel that it does not provide enough power to meet your needs; it can run in parallel. This will double the power for all of your home or RV needs.

It is also compact. It measures in 24 x 13 x 15 inches. It is a moderately heavy at 51 pounds, but for most people, this is not too heavy to move considering it has wheels and a handle.

Portable Compact Ryobi Generator

Ryobi Generator Benefits

This generator has an overall rating of 3.9-stars. Start up is a breeze and provides enough power to run power tools on the jobsite and household items at home. The fact that you can talk over the noise that it creates is also a bonus. It is very affordable, which is surprising to most people and it is very durable.

Portable Inverter Generator by Ryobi

Is the Ryobi Worth It?

It is worth noting that it may not be ideal for providing power to more sensitive laptops/electronics because it is an inverter generator. In other words, it is not a pure sine power source. If you simply want a power source for those times when your power is out or you want to enjoy camping with some of the comforts of home; this generator should be able to easily accommodate you and keep up with your needs.