Review: Earthquake Portable Generator

Every year during storm season people flock to their nearest hardware store to try and find a generator that will work best for their home and their bank account. The Earthquake is a portable generator that promises quality in a cheaper package. Is it able to measure up to other, high dollar generators? Take a look at our review of the Earthquake portable generator to find out.Earthquake portable generator review.

Features of the Earthquake

This portable generator has 700 running watts and 800 starting watts. However, it is a very efficient gas powered generator. In fact, it can run for up to 14 hours on a gallon of gas hours without you having to refill it. Another fuel efficiency feature is the circulating fuel pump that enables it to keep fuel cool, even when temperatures are very hot. This is a rare feature in generators and increases the consistency of power that it can generate.

It is ultra-portable. It weighs in at only 21 pounds when full. Empty it weighs in at 18.5 pounds. It is also small in size. Its dimensions are 14 x 8.2 x 15.6 inches. This makes it small enough to sit on a shelf in your garage when it is not being used by your family.Zoomed In View Of Earthquake Generator

The housing is perfect for suppressing sound. At only 58dB, it is a very quiet generator when running on a quarter load and as long as you are a few feet away from it. There is an overload protection feature which allows you to charge your cell phone, tablet, and laptop without worry about the generator causing damage to its delicate internal components.

How Does the Earthquake Portable Generator Compare?

One of the best things about an Earthquake generator is the price. It is substantially cheaper than a Yamaha generator of comparable wattage and it is slightly cheaper than a Honda. Yamaha generators are popular because they are very quiet and they are slightly quieter than an Earthquake generator. Both Honda and Yamaha are heavier than the Earthquake inverter generator.Portable Generator offered by Earthquake

What Do Owners Say About the Earthquake?

Most people seem to agree that this is the best portable generator available for the price.  Some people use it to power up their televisions when they are tailgating. Owners all say that it is quiet enough to meet their needs. That is why we feel is a great option for anyone looking for a cheap portable generator. It may not provide a lot of power, but at least it is going to provide a consistent power. Check Pricing On the Earthquake here⇒