Remote Start Generators

As useful as generators are; some people still want more….They would prefer to stay inside during storms instead of outside with their generator while trying to power up. This has led to more and more companies offering remote start generators or even aftermarket kits to retroactively add a remote start to a generator.

Remote Start Generator Comparison Chart


Running Watts

Starting Watts



Westinghouse Remote Start Generator





Category 5
Champion Power Source





Energizer Generator





Remote Controlled Firman Generator










Enjoy The Convenience

Generators That Have Remote StarterNo one wants to go outside in the middle of a hurricane or severe thunderstorm; not even to turn on their generator when the power lines take a hit. With that in mind, many people are turning to a remote starting power source. This will enable you to stay inside where it is safe and still power up your generator. This is ideal for those late-night storms when you are already in bed, but you know that power will be required for your morning shower or even your alarm clock. You can take care of your generator power supply and never have to get dressed to deal with it.

Retroactively Adding Functionality

Most all of the higher end generators on the market today have remote start options. However, if you are not interested in buying a new one for your home, RV, or worksite; you may purchase a kit that will turn your older generator into a remote start option. A popular choice is the 4PRO (review below). It is affordable and operates at a frequency of 433MHz. It allows you to stay 10-100m from the generator and still start it.

One common idea though, is that your older generator should have an automatic choke. You may need to hook up a few wires to your relay switch and then you will be able to use the key fob as intended.

Safety Concerns

Overall, remote generators are safe to use; especially considering they may keep you out of the weather. However, when installing a remote, you may have a few issues that include your battery draining down prematurely or loose connections. Some of the kits are also expensive so that it may be cheaper and easier to buy a new generator. For example generators like the Champion Power Equipment generator offers remote start and has 3,500 running watts and 4,000 starting watts. A few examples of this are included in the reviews below.

Top 6 Remote Start Generator Choices

1. Westinghouse

Westinghouse Remote Start Generator

This electric start motor provides 8,000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts of power. It is CARB compliant and gas powered with a remote control. It is powerful enough to power a variety of electronics, but has a Low THD which is ideal for charging sensitive electronics. The fuel tank holds 9.2 gallons of gas and it has an overall run time of 19 hours at a 25% load. Everything you need to get it going the first time (except gas) is included with your purchase.


2. Category 5

Champion Power Source

This generator has an easy to read digital display that informs you about the voltage, frequency, and operating hours. It has an electric start with a backup recoil, ensuring that it will be dependable and start every time. It also has a built-in auto choke and an auto power flow to protect appliances and ensure everything starts up right. Push button circuit breakers are also included.


3. Energizer

Energizer Generator

This powerful generator promises to run quietly. Operating at 75% load will only cause it to run at 71Dba. It has an electric remote start system  so that you can start it from well away distances. It is CARB compliant. It has an automatic throttle to save your fuel. It only generates the power that you need at that time and can power up a variety of devices with ease.


4. Firman Generators

Remote Controlled Firman Generator

This is a smaller generator than those above. It has only 4,000 starting watts, but it is powered by a 6.5 196 CC OHV engine. It is also very portable with its heavy duty, flat-free tires. It shows when the oil level is running low to ensure your machine always runs smoothly and it is very affordable.


5. Champion Generator

Include Remote Start Option

When you want an affordable generator, you will want to consider the “Champion”. It has a powerful 196cc engine, several receptacles, and a two-year limited warranty. It is also backed with free lifetime technical support. This CARB compliant generator has 4000 watts when starting up. Read our full Champion Generator Review Here⇒


6. 4PRO Remote

Adding Remote Start To Generator

If you prefer to turn your older generator into a remote start; this could be the ideal solution for you. It wirelessly controls any electric start generator that has a remote start input or one that has been adapted for it. It includes a two-button transmitter and can allow you to turn on your generator no matter where you are in the house or campground.