Pulsar Products Generator Review

Many want a quiet inverter generator, but when assessing the price, some shy away. Let’s face it, the likes of Honda, Yamaha & Generac are not cheap. This is why many people are turning to Pulsar Products and their generators. The Pulsar generator lineup comes in at a much more competitive price point compared to the “brand name manufacturers.” Below we review the most popular sizes & models; it just might save you from buying a generator that may let you down.

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How Do Pulsar Generators Compare To Others?

The most popular size inverter generator is in the 2000-3000 watt range. Pulsar offers their PG2000i to compete in this range of generators. Because the PG2000i is close to one-third the cost of the Honda EU2000, some may be quick to assume inferior quality. However, this is far from the case. The PG2000i produces 2000 watt peak, stable sine wave output. Furthermore, Pulsar packs the most amount of outlets on the face of the generator that we have seen across all brands. On board is a single USB port, 2 AC Receptacles, 12V Cigarette lighter, & parallel connection points. At 47 pounds the Pulsar is one of the lightest suitcase style generators available. 


Why People Ultimately Choose Pulsar Products Generators

Again, we feel the biggest selling point of the Pulsar lineup of generators is the competitive price. In fact, in many cases TWO Pulsar generators can be purchased for less money than ONE “brand name” generator. Couple this with the fact that the PG2000i is parallel capable and you have more than enough reason to consider Pulsar Products. Below are short reviews of some of the most popular sizes/models of Pulsar Products Generators.

Best Pulsar Products Generators

Pulsar PG1202s – Most Affordable Generator

Ultra Portable Gas GeneratorThis Pulsar 1200 watt generator has a 2-stroke, air cooled motor and can run up to 5 hours on a half load. It has a recoil start system and a 12V DC output. Because this is a 2-stroke, open-frame generators it is significantly louder than an inverter generator. Having said that, this is one of the CHEAPEST generators available on the market. For under $200, you can have portable power to run the likes of power tools, camping equipmentand more. Lastly, this is one of the most portable generators available as it weighs in at only 35 lbs making it one of the lightest generators available.

Pulsar 1200


Pulsar PG2000iS

Pulsar Products Portable Generator

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the most attractive selling points of the PG2000i is that it is regularly priced at less than $500. This makes it one of the most affordable inverter generators on the market. The PG2000 comes equipped with the most amount of outlets (USB, 2 AC, 12V Cigarette Lighter, & Parallel Connection) of any other 2000-3000 watt generator. Because this generator can be paralleled with another PG2000i and is less than half the cost of a Honda or Yamaha, this makes the Pulsar an easy choice.


Pulsar PG3250

Pulsar Generator 3250 Reviews

The PG3250 is one of the simplest open-frame generators we have seen. This is a no-frills power supply, but it does just that an affordable price. Often times, this generator can be picked up for less than $275. This is the perfect generator for job sites or areas where noise is not as much of a concern. It may not be the quietest generator of its size, but its consistent and cheap!


Pulsar PG7500B – Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar 7500W Portable or Home Generator

For those with a Travel Trailer, Food Truck or someone who needs to power a lot of different items, the PG7500 could be the perfect solution. This is one of the most well-equipped generators when it comes to outlets. The 7500 comes with FOUR 120V receptacles as well as a 30 amp twist RV Outlet AND 120/240amp twist outlet. For those that need to power heavier appliances this is one of the few generators that is capable of producing 240V. As an added bonus the 7500B is a dual fuel generator. Because it is capable of running on Gas or Propane and packs so many outlets, this is one of the most versatile choices for a generator.


Pulsar PG7000D – Diesel Generator

Pulsar Diesel Generator

When power truly matters, you may want to consider this diesel powered generator. The PG7000 offers 7000W peak output via its’ 10HP motor. This is a more expensive generator because it is one of the very few diesel generators available. This is perfect for job sites, mobile mechanics and others that need a continuous supply of heavy loads. Considering this is a larger generator and operating on diesel fuel, the noise level is quite surprising at less than 70dB. The available 120/240V outlet make this suitable for those in need of powering heavy equipment/tools.