ProSeries Portable Diesel Generator Review

Are you looking for a highly rated and high powered diesel generator? If you are looking for a diesel generator for sale online which is quiet, the Pro Series Portable Diesel Generator might just be the one for you. You will have so many options when looking for home diesel generators. But to know the best diesel generator system you have to look at so many factors. There are some trusted brands which have great reviews not just from homeowners but also from construction site engineers.

Some people prefer gas generators over diesel generators. Some prefer diesel over gas. Some major considerations and differences that people look at when deciding to purchase a diesel generator over a gas generator set are price, noise, efficiency and weight.Pro Series Diesel Generator

Here is a full review of why we think this diesel powered portable generator with wheel kit and electric start is worth looking at:

ProSeries Portable Diesel Generator Product Details

  • 7,000 Watt Surge/5,500 watt continuous
  • 4 Gallon gas tank with fuel gauge, 7 hour run time on full load
  • Electric start, circuit protection, Automatic low oil shut down, voltage meter
  • Two 120V AC outlet, one 120V AC twist lock outlet, one 120/240V twist lock outlet, and one 12V DC terminal for battery charging
  • EPA approved


  1. Power – The machine is so powerful that it can power common major household appliances. It is also used in constructions sites to power heavy duty tools needed in the site. It can provide 5500 continuous wattage for 7 hours straight. It is actually recommended for construction site use because of the reliability of uninterrupted power.
  2. Heavy Duty Design – The design and functionality is perfect for job sites and construction sites. The frame and build is made for heavy duty work. It is a real workhorse.
  3. Easy start and stop – The electric starter is what makes it easy to operate. It’s as simple as starting your car. It also has a circuit protection that keeps your unit from getting damage because of you not being able to ground your unit properly.
  4. Noise – surprisingly it is quieter than some gas generators. Most diesel generators are expected to emit a lot of noise just like any ordinary diesel car which is a lot noisier than gas powered vehicles. Of course you will still hear a bit of noise from this heavy duty machine but it is tolerable enough that you can keep it placed close to your house during power outages.


  1. Weight – It weighs 371 pounds which is not really the ideal weight for a portable device. Some might say that it is not too heavy but this rugged looking and built machine is heavy. It is hard to transport from one site to another. Even if there are wheels on the generator set, it still is not that portable. As compared to other diesel powered generators this one though is quite small.
  2. Price – It is one of the major factors in buying a generator set. It is an expensive machine which means you should think twice about the purchase. It is no ordinary investment if you won’t be able to maximize the use of it.
  3. Run Time – It features a 7 hour of run time. Surprisingly enough a big machine like this only runs 7 hours on a full tank of diesel. We expected that it would run at least 12 hours on a full tank. Although the electricity does not fluctuate nor surge, it still could do better if it runs at least 10 hours.
  4. Warranty and Customer service – It only comes with a 30 day warranty. This is not such a good statement from the manufacturers. Although it is a heavy duty diesel generator and can withstand harsh conditions when it bugs down most client users have a problem with its poor customer service.

ProSeries Portable Generator Review

Who Should Buy The Portable ProSeries Generator?

Portable Home Generator DieselThis is recommended for construction sites and bigger homes. If you have the spare money to spend on an expensive diesel generator set, then you can purchase this. You will be able to get your money’s worth because you can use this on a full load for 7 straight hours. As a heavy duty generator set, you can rely on it to give you continuous and uninterrupted power. If you have a big home or a small business that needs to back up electricity during power outages this is best for you. If you have a store which needs a freezer or refrigerator running 24/7, this might be the best solution for power interruptions.

Why Buy This Portable Diesel Generator?

Buy it because it is a heavy duty generator set. Its build can withstand all heavy duty work load continuously supply electricity to keep power tools running, refrigerators and freezers running, and other major appliances in your home running. Buy it also because of ease of use. You can easily start the machine without any hassle of using the recoil start. It has safety features which minimize the possibility of damage for those who are not so familiar with diesel generator sets. Buy it also because it is EPA approved and you won’t harm the environment when using this to power your home.Best Portable Diesel Generator

Overall Impression

Overall, this is a good buy mainly because of the uninterrupted power supply this heavy duty generator can give. Although you will have to shell out a fair amount of money to purchase the machine, it still is a good investment because of its ease of use, minimal noise and heavy duty build. If you are willing to invest in something which is close to powering a small business establishment, a big home or a construction site, this is probably the best diesel generator set for you. This is definitely one of the more trusted brands in the industry and in no way to be compared to cheap China made knock off generator sets. Invest in a reliable generator set which is expensive rather than investing in Cheap diesel generator sets.

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