Preparing for A Hurricane with A Hurricane Generator

When a hurricane is pounding your area with high winds and pouring rain, it is a little too late to consider what will happen if the power goes out. Sometimes, even a small storm can knock out power miles inland of where it hits for weeks at a time. Do you think you will have meats that are still good and cold drinks at the end of that time? Instead of waiting with no power for a week or more, why not do yourself a favor and prepare for a hurricane with a hurricane generator?

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Don’t Get Caught by Mother Nature

When hurricanes come near, there are people in this world who will go out and buy multiple generators and then sell them for 3-4 times what they are normally worth because people are often desperate enough to pay for it. Especially after a week of having nothing cold to drink, no shower to bathe in, no air conditioners, or other luxuries that we take for granted. However, this rush for generators may start before the hurricane makes landfall as well, because people who may have dealt with it last season, do not want to go through it all again. Why let it catch you so that you have to pay such an outlandish amount of money?

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness ListHurricane season has just kicked off this season. Now is the best time to get your hurricane supply list planned out and everything stocked up. Even if you have not had a storm come near you, it will give you peace of mind because you will know that you and your family are going to be fine.

Preparing for a hurricane means stocking up on supplies that you can use when it hits. Bottles of water, canned goods, bags of ice, and more. However, if you have a hurricane generator, those things become less important because you will be able to know you have warm food and water if you want it. You can have showers and so much more. Best of all, some generators that will work great during a hurricane are also able to go other places with you. If you are still not sure, perhaps you should check out our top picks for the best generators for hurricane season.

Best Generators for a Hurricane

Large Portable

Small Portable Hurricane Generator

When you want a portable hurricane generator the Generac 5943 could be ideal. It has 7500 running watts and 9375 starting watts. It is gas powered and can power everything you want, for an extended period of time. Read Our Full Generac Review Here⇒


Small Portable

DuroMax 4400E Review

For those who feel that a smaller, more manageable portable generator will be better, you have the option to choose a 4400-watt surge and 3500 running watt generator. It has an 8-hour run time on a 4-gallon gas tank. It weighs approximately 116 pounds. Read Our Full DuroMax Review Here⇒



Generac Home Generator System

The Generac 6720 Guardian Series is a stationary generator that is perfect for areas that are very prone to hurricanes and other bad weather. It can run on both natural gas or propane, and puts out 20000 watts of power when you need it. That would make any hurricane season easier to handle because you truly would be able to power your entire home. Read Our Full Generac 20KW Review Here⇒