Powermate Generator Reviews

One of the best generators available on the market today is the Powermate. However, many still wonder what makes it the best. To answer this big question, you simply have to look at the Powermate generator reviews.

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Why Is The Powermate Generator Best?

Power Mate Generators One of the main reasons that Powermate is such a popular choice for many people is the simple fact that it is a name brand that has been around for many years. They specialize in creating products that make homes, job sites, and recreation more enjoyable. Their generators are thoroughly tested, backed by an excellent warranty, and if a problem ever arises, there are service centers all over the United States.

This brand of generator also ensures easy maintenance, should you have to, of your generator. They come with a fuel gauge, low oil automatic shutoff, wheels that will never go flat, and a control panel that provides more functions than many other generators.

Where To Use The Powermate

According to most Powermate generator reviews, these generators are able to go with you anywhere you need them to. They are designed to work well as a portable generator which can travel to various work sites, but they can also be used as a stationary generator for your home. Some are small enough to take on your RV, and others powerful enough to take on powering your entire home.

Understanding the Powermate Generator Options

In order to show why these generators are great and where you may be able to use yours, you should take a look at some of the options that are available. As you can easily see, there are different watts and features available on all Powermate generators.

Powermate 5000

Powermate Generator Review

Within the Powermate 5000 generator series, you get a 5,000 running watts generator that uses a 10HP Subaru gas engine. The fuel tank holds 8 gallons and may run as much as 14.4 hours if using it at a 50% load. If you choose the next size up, which is the 7000-watt generator, you get a 13HP Honda GX390 motor. It can operate for up to 12.3 hours at 50%. Both of these generators are more than adequate to power your home or job site. However, if you still feel that you need more power, there is a 12,500-watt generator that can run for approximately 6 hours on a single tank of fuel. One of the best things about this powerful generator is that when you are not using the power, it can idle to preserve fuel. The only downside is that these generators are not CARB compliant.

Powermate 3000

Powermate 3250 Generator

The Powermate 3000-watt generator is included in different series. These have manual starts, auto shutoffs, and other features that make them desirable. It is also where you will find a 1200-watt generator that is ideal for tailgating and camping out in the woods. This generator is very inexpensive and completely portable. Within this series of manual start generators, you also have the option to choose from 3250 watts, 5500 watts, 6500 watts, and the 8000-watt generator. All of these generators are portable, easy to use, and features a motor that can keep up consistently with whatever you have that needs power.

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