Powerland Generator Review

Most people feel that you must spend a small fortune to have a name brand generator that works. They think that if it isn’t by one of the higher end generator manufacturers, it probably will not last more than a year. It is time for people to start thinking differently with a cheaper generator. According to the people at Powerland, they are cheaper and more reliable. They aren’t the only ones saying it. If your not convinced yet, read our Powerland generator review to find out why these generators are gaining notice everywhere.

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Powerland Company Information

Powerland is rapidly gaining the title of being the most trusted name in engineering and other power equipment needs. They provide high-quality generators at extremely reasonable prices. Their claim is that they respect their customers and want to build a relationship with everyone who purchases a generator from them. At Power Land equipment, they strive to gain your trust by providing reliable machines.


Some people who handle tough jobs on a daily basis, wonder if a cheaper machine can truly keep up with their every day, on the job, needs. They worry that the machines may not be dependable enough to handle a worksite that is large and needs a lot of power. The good news for you is that according to most Powerland generator owner reviews, you will never need another type of generator. The company, as a whole, builds things that are designed to work in the harshest of work environments. They design welders and combination generator/accessory machines to make many jobs easier. They have a variety of generators that make it easy for you to get your job done; regardless of how much power you need. As an added bonus, their generators are suitable for residential use as well as on the job. They are quiet machines and very portable, even if you choose one that may have 10,000 watts of power backing it. Most of them cost less than $1,000 and there are some that use whatever type of fuel that you have available. This goes to show that they are truly trying to satisfy their customer’s needs in every way.

As further proof, you can take a look at the Powerland Tri Fuel generator that uses propane, gasoline, and natural gas and switches easily between fuel types. This generator also features a low oil shutoff to prevent it from sustaining damage and to ensure that you have a dependable generator for as long as you want it. All you have to do is look at the Powerland Tri Fuel generator reviews to find out exactly how dependable it is going to be. You can also read our review about why some people choose to have a dual or tri-fuel generator instead of a single fuel generator and you can look below at a variety of options.

Best Powerland Generators

Powerland PD4000

Powerland Generator 4000

This generator has 3300 running watts and 4,000 starting watts. It is provided by a 7.5 HP motor that is air cools and uses gasoline. It features a heavy duty frame that has motor mounts to give it a quiet operation. There is also a muffler that will reduce noise.


Powerland PDW100

Powerland PDW100

When you want portability, this Powerland welder generator has you covered. It has a 6.5 HP OHV 4-Stroke motor. It is gas powered and doubles as a welder to make it easier for people on the job to have the things they need. It has a welding output of 80amp. 23-1/5 volts and an impressive electrode diameter.


Powerland PDL6500E

Powerland Generator PDL6500E

If you prefer to use LPG propane, this generator is for you. It provides you with 6500 watts of power and an electric starting system. The running watts are 5500 using the 16HP 4 stroke, air cooled, internal combustion engine. There is a low-pressure regulator installed to keep the machine protected at all times. It is also very easy to move around with wheels and a handle.


Powerland PD3G10000EPowerland PD3G10000E Generator

Power is what you will find with this Powerland tri-fuel generator and its 16 HP engine. It has a surge watt rating of 10,000 and the running watts are an impressive 8,000W. You can switch between fuel types easily and the engine is air cooled. It has an electric start system and the low oil shutoff that protects the generator from harm.