Northstar Generator Review

Choosing a generator is not an easy task. You want reliable yet affordable, but you also want a warranty that can cover any issues that may come up and have it protect your equipment from damages that may not even be your fault. The warranty is one of the main things people love about Northstar generators. They are able to cover you even from accidents that include drops and collisions. To learn more about why people choose Northstar, you should read our full Northstar generator review. You may find out that it is more worth it than you imagined.

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Northstar Equipment Company Information

Northstar Equipment GeneratorNorthstar equipment is manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment. The company itself has been owned and operated as a family run business in Minnesota. They feature premium components so that you know you are getting exceptional quality. These products are backed by the best warranties.

They cater to customers who build small businesses, but they also make equipment that is geared toward home use, those who enjoy DIY projects, and even larger businesses can enjoy commercial grade quality. For your convenience, there are over 95 stores where you can purchase Northstar equipment. If you visit one of them, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by an excellent customer support team that can answer all of your questions about the products you are looking at.

Northstar Generator Warranty

The warranty you get with a Northstar generator is only a year, but you can add to it with ease. Regardless of how much money you spend, the “Beyond the Warranty” coverage will protect you for an additional year. You can also get accidental coverage that will cover your equipment if damaged by drops, falls, spills, or collisions. The accidental coverage starts the day you purchase your equipment.

How Does Northstar Compare To Other Generators?

When you look at a Northstar 5500 generator and compare it to others, you will discover that you pay slightly more for Northstar. However, the Northstar is quieter than other generators of the same size. It is also CARB compliant when other generators, for example, the Generac and Westinghouse are not. Honda generators or Yamaha are comparable in price, but many are not CARB complaint, even though Northstar generators make use of the Honda motor. Powerland generators are CARB compliant and cheaper, but they do not offer the same warranty coverage. However, Pulsar does give you a longer warranty than other companies at a full 3 years. The reviews, though state that even at a higher price, the Northstar is definitely worth it.

Best Northstar Generators

Northstar 5,500 Surge Watts, 4,500 Rated Watts

Northstar 5500 Generator Review

The Northstar generator 5500 offers a digital CDI ignition to give you a higher power output and easier start. It comes with a full roll cage to prevent damage if you accidentally tip it over. It also protects your generator from grass, dirt, and other potential problems. It is CARB-compliant and EPA approved.


Northstar Portable 8,000 Surge and 6,600 Rated Watts

Northstar 8000 Generator

The Northstar generator 8000 is CARB compliant and EPA approved to provide excellent power when you need it. It is powered by a Honda Motor and has an extended generator life. There is a digital ignition and full roll cage to protect your investment and the Northstar 8000 generator.


Northstar 10,000 Surge Watts and 8,500 Rated Watts

Northstar 10KW Generator

This generator has a lot of power. It has a variable timing digital CDI ignition, low oil shutdown to protect the engine, and even volt or hour meters. The full roll cage has anti-tip mounts on it and it is protected from grass and other potential intrusions. This is another generator that is fully CARB compliant and approved by the EPA.


Northstar Dual Fuel Generator

Northstar Dual Fuel Generator

This generator runs on either natural gas or propane fuels. You can hook it to your home’s lines without issues and this does make it easier to keep fuel available for the generator. It has 13000 surge watts and it is rated at 12,150 running watts. This does change slightly depending on the gas that you are using at the time. The electric start requires batteries, but the Honda V-Twin motor is durable enough to last many years.