Kohler Generators Reviews

If you have ever sat in your dark cold living room for hours during a snow storm, or if you have ever spent the night tossing and turning in the heat of the summer during a thunderstorm; you know how uncomfortable and exhausting it can be to be without power. If this is the case, you have probably considered purchasing a home generator. Without one of these back-up generators, you could spend hours or even days without air conditioning, heat, or light. And if you happen to be away from home at the time, you may not even be aware of the problem until you return, losing hundreds of dollars in groceries. This can be especially true if you happen to have a deep-freezer full of meat or seafood. It may be time to, more seriously, consider a home generator.

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What is a home generator? Simply put, with a home generator, your power will stay intact during a power outage. Installed on the exterior of your home, the generator will kick on as soon as your home loses power. Conveniently, these home generators are powered by natural gas or propane. There is no need for refilling when they are connected to your home’s supply. Read More On Our Home Generators Here⇒

Kohler: You are probably very familiar with the Kohler name. Kohler manufactures many home appliances such as sinks and toilets as well as faucets and bathtubs. But you may not be aware of the fact that Kohler also brings quality to the field of home generators. In these Kohler Home Generator Reviews we will take a detailed look at the home generators offered by Kohler as well as how they compare to some of the other brands.

Most Kohler Generators include the following features:

    • Use propane or natural gas
    • Enclosures are 100% corrosion proof; stands up to harsh conditions
    • Rust-proof; even in tropical or ocean side environments
    • Polymer Mounting Pads are included
    • Generators start automatically; no lever or switch to pull
    • Starts within ten seconds of detection of power outage
    • Online monitoring available
    • Made with sound-proofing materials to minimize noise
    • The costly transfer switch is included; this necessary component is often an added expense with other brands
    • Powerful engine; reliable and includes hydraulic valve lifters
    • Protection of electronics with THD, low distortion
    • Five year or 2000 hour warranty included; one of the best in the industry
    • Manufactured in the U.S.

Best Kohler Generators

Kohler 14 KW Generator

Kohler Single Phase GeneratorThe Kohler 14 kilowatt standby generator includes all of the features listed above and is perfect for small or mid-sized residential properties. This generator would be the size to purchase if you want all of your systems connected to the generator in a smaller home. If you are in a larger home and only want vital systems connected, this could be the right generator for you.


Kohler 20 KW Generator

Kohler Home Generator Review

The Kohler 20 kilowatt standby generator can manage high wattage loads such as a five ton air conditioning unit and can be used in a medium to large sized home. Providing 20,000 watts of electricity, this generator ensures a comfortable environment for your entire home at the most critical times of power outages. This Kohler whole house generator review focuses on the features offered by Kohler which are mentioned above.


Kohler 3.7 KW Generator

Kohler Portable Generator

The Kohler 3.7 kilowatt generator with electric start is a portable generator which produces 7500 watts for about 20 minutes and 6300 rated watts for longer than 20 minutes. The generator starts with an easy push of a button and shuts down automatically when the engine is low in oil. Portable generators can be the affordable answer to home generators; however, the unit would need to be manually connected during a power outage and would not serve a purpose while you are away from home.


Kohler Marine Generator

Kohler Marine Generator The Kohler Marine Generator is small, quiet, and offers less vibration so as not to notice the generator. This marine generator is powered by gasoline and is easy to install as well as repower. Marine generators typically get quite a bit of use on certain types of boats and yachts, powering electrical systems such as lights, air conditioners, and plumbing.


Kohler Conclusion:

Kohler Generators compare well to other brands such as Generac, Honda, and Yamaha. All priced relatively similar, Kohler tends to run a little less expensive than Yamaha, but a bit higher in price than Generac and Honda. So, with these Kohler standby generator reviews you can, more easily, choose the best generator for your use. If you are looking for a system to help you stay more comfortable and safe during power outages, a Kohler generator is a great place to start.