How to Silence a Generator

There is no way to deny it; one of the biggest reasons people do not like owning a generator is the noise that they make. Even though they provide power where there isn’t any hardwired; the noise can make all the difference in whether it is truly desired or not. Some people cannot sleep with their generator running or they feel that others may be kept awake because of it. Thus, we are providing a few tips and tricks on how to silence a generator.

Generac Vs Honda Noise

Can You Make a Generator Quiet?

Many people never attempt to try and make their generator quiet. They figure that the level of current sounds is just the way that it is going to sound. If they want to get a quieter one, they may feel that they have to purchase a newer, quieter one. This furthers their discontentment with the noise because they feel that new generators are going to be too expensive. This is simply not true. Many of the newer generators are quieter than the old ones and still quite affordable. However, there still are a few tricks that may make your current generator quieter.

Which Generators are The Quietest?

Champion Power Portable Generator ReviewAs to whether the expense would be worth it to upgrade; it depends on how much quieter you want for your generator to be. If it sits right outside your RV bedroom, quieter may be worth it. The tips and tricks are only a way to cut down on some of the noises that older generators may make. If you do want to consider upgrading, the smaller the generator is; the quieter it will run. Many that put out 1600 watts or 2000 watts will run about 50 dB, but some will also go up to a much higher noise level. As a general rule, 50 dB will be the quietest available. One exception is the Champion generator, which has 2800 watts and a dB rating of 58. It offers the maximum amount of power with the quietest noise levels. It is also priced at less than $700, which for most people is easily doable. Other people say that GeneracHonda and CAT generators are also very quiet.

If it isn’t ideal to spend that much right now or you feel that you want to try out some of the easy ways to make your current generator quiet first, then you should look below at how to make generator quiet.

How to Quiet a Generator

Quiet Generator Outside RVThere are numerous tips that will work to make your power supply run quieter. If you have a stationary generator, you can build an enclosure around it to slightly muffle the sound. However, if you can build a box, you may also experience some success if you build a small portable box. You just have to make sure that there are still vent areas so that both portable and non-portable generators are able to breathe. There are people who have used a cardboard box as a way to cover their generator. If you cut a hole on one side and turn that side away from the RV, you should hear less noise. Some have even retrofitted mufflers for motorcycles and found success.

In general, rubber pads or carboard is the most popular method of quieting a generator. Most people enclose it with these items, but others simply keep their generator in their truck and have the padding under it. The main goal is taking away the vibrations, which will make it immediately quieter and diverting the sound into a direction that will not be as annoying to everyone nearby.