Generator Covers, Tent & Enclosures

If you have ever looked into or purchased a generator, you are well aware of the simple fact that generators do not come cheap. Therefore, if you spend the money to purchase one, you will want to do everything you possibly can to make sure that it runs for as many years as possible. It is easy to understand that to make it last, you must do all of the necessary routine maintenance things. However, you should not stop there. One of the most overlooked ways to make a generator last longer is to ensure it is protected from the elements when not in use. It is also something that may protect you and your family. The easiest way to do this is to have generator covers, tents, and enclosures.

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What is a Generator Cover?

A generator shelter is a heavy-duty tarp. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They provide coverage from the sun, rain, snow, dust, and all other things that may shorten the lifespan of your generator and ensure that you can use the generator, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Most of these generator accessories are made with polyester or some other type of heavy duty material so that you do not have to worry about your generator’s performance being impacted by the weather.

Why You Should Have a Generator Tent

One reason most people have a generator at home is so that in the event of bad weather they can have a generator power supply to get them through it. As a general rule, you should avoid running anything that has electricity running through it if there is a chance it could become wet. Most generators are not designed to be waterproof. Rainwater can seep inside of them and cause an increased risk of those who venture near it to become electrocuted. A generator enclosure eliminates the risk to you and your family. It also blocks water from seeping into it when not in use, when it may cause corrosion and rust to form inside of the working parts of your generator.

If you are still unsure of why you should have one, or you worry about the price of providing a generator shelter, you should check out the covers below. They are great at protecting your generator from all possible issues.

Top 4 Generator Covers and Tents

1. Sportsman GENCOVER-XL Universal Cover

Universal Generator Cover

This extra-large generator cover is made of 600D polyester with a PVC coating to keep your generator protected at all times when not in use. It is designed for generators that are 15,000 watts or approximately 37”L x 25”D x 27”H. You simply slip it on over the generator and tighten the cord around the bottom. Please note that it should not be used when running and the generator should be cooled before putting the cover on.


2. Classic Accessories 79537 Generator Cover

Classic Accessories Generator CoverWhether you have your generator stored or you are running it, you can use this cover to protect it from rain, snow, tree sap, birds, sun damage and more. It is made with a heavy duty fabric that is coated to increase its water resistance. There are holes for generator handles and Velcro fasteners on one side to make getting it on and off easy. It is designed for large generators that are up to 7,000 watts that measure at most 31.25” x 23” x 19.25”.


3. Leader Accessories Water/UV resistant Cover XL

Leader Accessories Generator Weather Cover

This durable cover is made with 210D polyester and coated with PU and it is double stitched to further increase its durability. It is designed to fit extra-large generators from all types of hazards. There is Velcro along the side to make it easy for you to protect your generator. It is covered by a warranty to ensure that it works the way you want it to.


4. GenTent Wet Weather Safety Canopy for Portables

Generator Tent

This portable generator cover allows you to run your portable generator in all types of weather conditions. It is able to fit generators that are up to 10,000 watts. The design of this canopy ensures that the generator is able to cool itself the way it normally would when uncovered. To install, you simply clamp it, frame it, and then cover it so that your generator is always portable. This is one of the most popular Generator Covers.