Generac Generator Reviews

One should not be making impulse purchases with regard to generators, even if they could afford to – generators serve a valuable function in the home, ensuring that vital home equipment and services, not to mention the smaller but still important equipment like cell phones and laptops, stay powered in case of an outage. You should not jump at the cheapest generator you can find, as these are almost certain not to last as long or perform as well as a top name generator like Generac.

Choosing a generator for your use will of course depend on the actual needs that must be met, as with any purchase. Some homes will value quiet delivery of power over something that sounds like a chainsaw orchestra, while others will expect the noise and live with it as long as the capacity is fairly sizeable. For that matter, different homes will also have different capacity needs – but every household is likely sure to appreciate ease of use and intuitive controls.

Generac is a notable brand of generator that has delivered a number of models of varying capacity. There are some who tend to prefer it to Yamaha and DuroMax as a brand because of its overall value. Interestingly, many Generac generator reviews reveal that these disparate models nevertheless have some features in common that demonstrate a remarkable consistency across a product line.

Best Generac Generators



The iX2000 is a portable generator, the only inverter generator on this list. This is particularly noteworthy considering the relative newness of inverter technology and the implications of applying that to generators. Generac’s FlexPower modes are present here, allowing you to choose a lighter or heavier capacity delivery mode that is suited to different levels of generation. This avoidance of the one-size-fits-all delivery capacity should be helpful in saving fuel. It’s also quieter and much lighter than other generators of comparable capacity, which is sure to be appreciated in the long run.

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Generac Home Generator System

A home generator, the Generac 20KW generator is a Generac whole house generator that incorporates many of the features also seen in the portable iX2000.  It has an air-cooled aluminum enclosure, and True Power Technology allows it to safely power sensitive electronics. The 200 Amp automatic transfer switch allows owners to hook it up and seamlessly allow for it to take charge of powering the house when needed.

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Generac GP7500E

An excellent standby generator, the Generac GP7500E is one of the better Generac whole house generators. While not as powerful as the 20KW, it is nevertheless typically enough to keep house essentials running smoothly in the event of an emergency or outage. Its durable, rugged frame keeps it safe and secure, and its convenient control location allows for ease of use that is strangely not as easy to find in other brands’ generators. The reliable GP7500E tends to get top marks in many Generac generator reviews because it delivers a sizeable chunk of power while being user-friendly for users of various ages. Also like the GP5500, the GP7500E has some features that help keep track of its use and consumption for easier maintenance.

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Generac GP5500 Review

The Generac GP5500 shares many similarities with the GP7500E, showing that Generac’s design philosophy isn’t a one-off thing. The ease of use is also notable, with many Generac generator reviews calling the GP5500 a “plug and play” generator that is easy to hook up to a home and set up for use. While the transfer switch is manual and not automatic like the Generac 20KW, it’s still an effective, efficient choice. It can run for 10 hours at 50% load, although actual use will of course vary. Also a comparatively light and quiet generator, it has the added benefit of portability, making it as good a choice for camping and the like as it is for home backup power. Almost all Generac models have an automatic shutdown feature that engages when the unit is low on oil, which is extremely helpful since one might not be able to keep tabs on it during an emergency. This unit is no different in that regard.