Generac 20KW Home Generator Review

As with many other things in life, the most important things tend to be the ones you don’t appreciate until they’re no longer in reach. Electrical power, for instance. It’s such an integral part of daily life that one only really stops to reflect on how crucial it is to have it once it skips and disappears for any number of reasons. Many homes have turned to power generators to ensure that they have a supply of power in case things go wrong.

Choosing a Generac Generator

For many, not just any generator will do; studying the available Generac home generators allows smart homeowners to pick and choose the one that has features that best suit their needs. Generac standby generators are often good choices for households, especially ones that are trying to maintain a reasonably-sized power supply.Generac20K

The Generac 6244 20KW generator is a popular choice among Generac power systems, and it’s not hard to see why.

Generac 20K Home Generator Features

  • Generac continues to offer its FlexPower options, which allow you to select a performance capacity that matches your needs. FlexPower proves helpful in saving fuel by giving you a lower-strength mode for lighter needs; this helps you tailor fuel consumption to your needs and keep sensitive electronics properly powered.
  • Like some other Generac standby generators, the Generac 20KW has a low oil shutdown protection feature that keeps the unit protected from damage in such situations. This is important because plenty of other devices can get damaged, some even beyond repair, if this is overlooked. Very little is more frustrating than getting caught up in other tasks and finding your expensive generator fried. This feature is one that actually adds to the convenience of using the Generac 20KW, because oil could run low in the middle of the night or early at dawn – while it is still inconvenient to face a shutdown, it is a lesser evil compared to long-term damage.
  • For a home unit, the Generac is a fairly compact and light one. Generac power systems tend to maximize the efficiency of their units, and this is no different – it’s around 40% lighter than standard generators that deliver this capacity. Again, one underestimates the importance of having this added bit of convenience. The well-designed handle incorporated into the design also makes the device easy to carry around.
  • The Generac 20KW has convenient, hands-free operation and doesn’t need extension cords; you can use liquid propane or natural gas to power it. The True Power Technology built into the unit allows sensitive electronics to be powered securely.
  • The 20,000 watt capability of the Generac 20KW will comfortably run a lot of standard appliances should the power go out – and keeping the family safe and comfortable in the face of such an outage is worth the investment. It’s worth noting that many satisfied customers report the Generac 20KW as being invaluable when it comes to powering sump pumps during longer outages – certainly an effective demonstration of a valuable application. However, be aware that working with such a full load will not be cheap – but you get what you pay for.
  • The Generac 20KW is remarkably low-maintenance, which tends to be a focus for Generac power systems. You shouldn’t have much to do other than change the oil regularly, although periodic test runs are of course recommended.
  • As with many other Generac standby generator, the Generac 20KW can be configured to automatically start up when a power outage occurs. The 200 Amp automatic transfer switch, rated for outdoor use, ensures this transition for whole house protection. When the conditions are right, the reliability of the unit is such that you might even think the generator started up by accident – the seamlessness of the turnover is sure to be appreciated.

Generac Home Generator

When buying a generator, one makes a big investment – an ongoing one, if the fuel cost is to be taken into consideration. One should work to get the most for one’s money, especially if the powering and security of the home is part of the equation. While portable generators tend to try to live up to the needs of a household, often it is a better investment to pick a home generator like the Generac 20k that does the job well.

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