DuroStar DS4000S Generator Review

If you are looking for a great RV generator that is portable and able to hook up where you need it, the DuroStar DS4000s could be the one for you. It has 4,000 surge watts that come from its 7.0 HP OHV 4 cycle gas powered motor. It is one of the top sellers on Amazon, and the reasons why are numerous.

Features of the DuroStar 4,000 Watt Portable Generator

DuroStar Generator Review

This generator uses regular gasoline, which is put into its 4 gallon tank. From a full tank, you can easily expect about 8 hours of run time at a 50% load. This is a respectable fuel consumption rate.

It has an EZ-pull recoil start system that makes it easy to crank, even if you are not the strongest person. Even older people can easily start this generator up thanks to this very nice feature.

It is EPA approved. It burns clean and it is very efficient.

It can operate at 3,300 constant running watts, which is more than enough to power a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee maker at one time. Even a portable heater will not use all the power that this generator can produce. It also has 2 areas for you to plug in 120V, 20-amp, 3 pronged items and a single 120V, 30-amp twist lock.

One of the safety features of this generator is that it has an automatic low oil shut off to protect the motor from damage. It is also air cooled so that you do not have to worry that it will overheat.

DuroStar RV Generator

This generator is built using a heavy duty steel frame which surrounds and holds the motor at four different points of contact. The motor mounts are completely isolated to give it a very quiet running ability. The muffler further quiets the engine noise.

Dimensions for this generator are 23x18x17.5 inches and it weighs 92.4 pounds.

DuroStar Pros

  • Gas Powered Convenience
  • 8 Hour Run Time
  • Ample Outlets for a Generator
  • Wheels Can Be Added to Make It More Portable
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame for Durability
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Gas Can Easily Drain by Removing Petcock near Carburetor
  • Quiet Operation by Most Expectations

Possible Issues

  • Will not produce as much power as other generators, but it certainly is effective.
  • It is not carb compliant
  • No spark arrestor
  • Requires frequent oil changes.
  • Not recommended for electronics

Why Is The DuroStar Preferred by Most?

The DuroStar DS4000s review shows that it stands out above other generators in a variety of ways. It is cheaper than some of the other generators on the market, but it still offers the punch of some of the other more stationary ones that are available. Some owners even state that it is the best value for your money, especially if you are in a pinch and need to have an emergency backup power supply to help you keep your foods cold and your lights on.

It is also very impressive because of how quiet it runs. Most people say that is only about as loud as a lawnmower, others say that is quieter than that.

Add to that the simple fact that it is gas powered and easy to turn on, and you have a generator that is truly outstanding. Gas is easy to come by, whether you are camping in the wilderness or trying to survive after a hurricane has come near. Even with the lack of tires, it is still considered a portable unit because you and perhaps a friend can easily put it where you need it the most.DuroStar Generators

If there is a downside to this generator, it is the simple fact that the oil tank fill hole is a little troublesome to get to. This can be remedied by using a funnel. Some people also have a little bit of trouble when they attach the wheels to the frame as an easy upgrade.

To make a long review a little bit shorter, if you look at the various places where the DuroStar 4,000 watt generator is sold and reviewed, you will find more positive than negative marks. Even years after people purchased it, they still have a lot of great things to say about the ease of use, the durability, and how it has helped them through a troubling time. Read More Owner Reviews Here⇒