DuroMax XP 4440E Review

Are you in search for the perfect top rated gas powered portable generator? There are tons of options when it comes to 4-cycle gas generators but there are only a few portable generator kits which are reliable and top rated by homeowners. Many of the trusted brands in gas generators are DuroMax generators. You will see in other DuroMax generator reviews why they are top rated. Here is a quick but full review of why we think this 4 cycle gas powered portable generator with wheel kit and electric start is worth investing your money on: 

DuroMax 4400E Review

DuroMax XP 4400E Product Details

  • 4400 Watt Surge/3500 Watt Continuous
  • 4 Gallon Gas Tank/8 Hour Run Time
  • Electric Key Start/Includes Battery
  • EPA Approved
  • Automatic Low Oil Shut Off


  1. Weight – The weight is very much manageable for moving around the house and bringing to the outdoors. It weighs about 116 pounds (dry weight).
  2. Ultra Easy to transport – it is already fairly easy to carry because of its dry weight. Aside from that, it is also ultra portable because of the wheels attached to the base. You can easily pull it to any place you want. Other portable generators sets although of the same weight do not have wheels to give ease of transfer/transport.
  3. Price – It is one of the most affordable 4-cycle gas generators on the market. It is not just affordable because of its basic features but because of the ease you get from starting it up. It has an electric starter, a steel frame, 2 wheels that make it ultra portable and a whole lot more features. It is definitely worth your money.
  4. DuroMaxPullStartEasy to Start – The electric starter is what makes it easy to operate. It’s as simple as turning on your car. If the electric start fails, it has a recoil starter.
  5. Noise – As a gas generator, it doesn’t emit much noise as compared to diesel generators. You can place it outdoors near your camp or just outside your garden and it won’t disturb your neighbors with the noise.
  6. Rugged Build – The rugged build is best for it to be transported even on a daily basis. It has a heavy duty steel frame which cages that 7.0 HP generator.
  7. Automatic Shut-off – To avoid the generator from malfunctioning, it has an automatic shutoff which is definitely useful if you are to leave this running all night. It automatically turns off if you are running low in oil.


  1. Small tank fuel – It only can hold 4 gallons of gas. If you plan to have it running for longer periods of time you have to bring extra gasoline for continued use.
  2. Run Time – It features an 8 hour of run time. This is good enough for portable generator sets but this is only at 50% load. If you are to use it at maximum running watts it will consume more gas or it will die out on you in less than 6 hours. It doesn’t quite perform as its published run time. Even at 50% load, it still runs less than 8 hours.
  3. Warranty – It only has 1 year limited warranty. If they are to improve on something it should be added years of warranty. 5 years would be good enough to let consumers/homeowners know that they can rely on something which is value for their money. Simple electric fans, washing machines and other appliances have 5 year to lifetime warranties, generator sets should have longer warranty.

Who Should Buy The DuroMax Portable Home Generator

DuroMax Portable Generator ReviewThis is recommended for people who expect some power outages within the year because of unexpected natural disasters such as hurricanes. It is good enough to run the basic “survival appliances” like a small refrigerator, a portable AC, a few lights and even a small TV. It will run for 8 hours with a full tank which means that it is also good for outdoor camping. Those who are into the outdoors highly recommend having it. It is definitely ultra portable which why this is top rated by people who use it outdoors for camping, for jobsites that need powering saws and drills. People who are in construction should also buy it for backup power. Ordinary homeowners can also purchase this type of generator set especially if there is not much space in the house and you do not have a basement to place your gen set. If you live in the suburbs, you can buy this gen set and won’t disturb your neighbors if you have this running all night.

Why Buy the 4400E Portable Generator

Buy it because it is ultra portable. Buy it because you can practically take it anywhere. If there is one generator set that is ultra portable, it is this one. Other generator sets in this weight category are portable too but usually do not have 2 wheels. It can be easily handled by one person just pushing and pulling around. Compared to gen sets with no wheels, you need at least two people to transfer it from one place to another.

Buy it also because of ease of use. Anyone who can start a car can use this. With its easy electric start mechanism, you can ask even your 7 year old daughter to turn it on if there is a power outage. Buy this if you like the outdoors and need to keep a few appliances running 8 hours a day.Portable Generator Set By DuroMax


Overall, this is a good buy mainly because of its portability. It works really well from 0-25000 watts but doesn’t hold really steady at 2500-3000 watts. Voltage starts to drop when you push its output power to more than 3300 watts. The published numbers aren’t really realistic but this is definitely a gen set worth buying. We do recommend this especially for backup power at home especially in those areas which expect a hurricane or heavy snowfalls every year. It will be able to supply survival appliances for the whole night which is good enough for temporary electricity during outages.

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