Discovering the Best Home Generator

When the power goes out, due to stormy weather and other issues, discovering the best home generator may seem like a very hard task. Therefore, it is often not something that people think about, until disaster strikes and they must spend days without power in their home. How much meat will you lose because it thaws in your freezer? How long will your cell phone stay charged? Even your daily shower will be something you may have to do without. Add to that the fact that severe weather happens most often when it is hot or freezing cold. Do you want to go without heat and air or do you want to get a backup generator for home?

What Makes a Great Home Generator?

If you have a non-portable, home standby generator, it is important that you find one feature that is very valuable. The standby mode of it should allow it to start automatically as soon as the power in your home goes out. This means that you will not have to go outside in the middle of the night during a severe storm, and your alarm clock will still go off and you can still have your shower, even if the power has not come back on yet.Generac Home Generator

Make sure it has the right amount of output. Some generators are designed to be used with air conditioning units, others are not. Each one may put out a certain amount of power. Before you buy a generator, you should consider walking through your home and figure out how much output you need. There are easy to use wattage calculators on the web if you are unable to figure it out, but most appliances in your home will tell you what it requires.

Fuel is also a major consideration when it comes to your home generator. Some use regular gas while others will require diesel fuel or propane/natural gas. If you have a preference, you should look for a generator that uses the type of gas that you prefer. However, it is proven that diesel will require less maintenance and natural gas/propane style also offer less maintenance, but the gas is often more expensive. The fuel consumption rate of a generator is another concern.

Most generators have a smart feature that will keep a check on the oil pressure automatically or shut down when the fuel is low. These are great features to have because it will protect your generator. You may also want to find one that has a transfer switch for home generator. This will enable you to get more power by connecting a smaller portable to your stationary generator.Generac GP7500E

If you want portability and power, you may want a generator like the Generac 5943. It is a 7,500 watt 420cc OHV portable gas powered generator and practically promises more power than your home could possibly need. You can learn more about it through our full GP7500 review here, or read more Owner Reviews Here⇒

How is a Home Generator Different from Portable/RV Generators?

Generac Home Generator SystemWhen people think of home generators, they often think of units like the Generac 6244. It has 20,000 watts of air cooled power that uses liquid propane or natural gas as the fuel. It has more power than most generators and it does promise to run nearly everything you own. That is why it has earned the title of best whole house generator and you can read more about this massive generator here⇒

The truth is, when it comes to home versus RV generators, you will notice some pretty extreme differences. First and foremost, the portable RV generators are smaller than the home standby units. This also means that they have less watts and they are cheaper.

DuroStar Generator ReviewSome home generators can be portable. Like the DuroMax XP00E that has 4,400 watts of power from a 7.0 HP OHV 4 cycle, gas powered engine, which you can learn more about in our full DuroMax review located here⇒

Who Needs a Home Generator?

Many people find generators useful during hurricane season or times when other natural disasters may happen. They end up being the one person on their block who does not have to worry about meats going bad or being without the modern day luxuries. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, you may also enjoy knowing that you have it all covered.

The Best Home Generator

Some say the best generator for home is the Cummins Onan 4KY-FA. It is a gasoline powered generator that can easily run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and still have power to spare. All the areas that you may one day need to service are located on one side which has an easy access area. It is also quiet with a fully enclosed muffler. Even though it is lightweight, it is not classified as portable due to the fact it still weighs in at 150 pounds.CumminsOnan Home Generator Review

With a little research and discovering what others look for in a generator you will find the right generator for you. Choose your new investment based on home generator reviews and the features that you want it to have. It will be the best investment you have ever made for your home when, and if, trouble strikes too close to home. Read More on the Cummins Onan Here⇒