Coleman Portable Generator Review

Coleman 3500 Inverter GeneratorWith Coleman you will find a generator that has 3500W starting amps and 3000 continuous. The 3500 offers an AC socket, two 12V and a 4A. It is rated for volts that range from 100V to 240V, with a DC output of 12V 8.3A. It has a run time of 3.1 hours at 100% max load or 4.2 hours at 50%. There is also an economy switch that will keep it quieter. When standing 23ft from it, the decibel rating is only 63dB. This is the most powerful generator by Coleman at this time and it is a very popular choice..

If you do not need that much power, you may choose the smaller CG1200i. It has a max power of 1200W with a continuous power supply of 1000W. It has the same voltage range with a DC output of 12V 4A. It will run for 4.3 hours when you run it at 100% load capacity. If you turn on the economy switch with this generator, you will have a noise level of 58dB at 23ft away from it.

Regardless of which size you choose, you will discover that both have a built-in overload protection feature as well as a low oil indicator. They have an automatic engine shut off to protect the generator if it needed.2000W Coleman Generator

Will Coleman Generators Work for You?

Coleman may be a name that most people associate with camping tents or coolers, but they also provide people with a variety of other camping gear including grills and generators. Their products are known for their quality and dependability. Their generators are ideal for most and they do not let owners down. However, if you want a generator that has a lot of additional features; you may want to look in other areas. These generators are meant to be functional yet affordable. You usually end up paying a lot more for the extra features that others may provide.