Champion 3000W Generator Review

Are you looking for an affordable portable generator? If you are not sold on a Westinghouse, Yamaha or a DuroMax, how about a Champion Power? How does it compare to the Westinghouse and the DuroMax? Is it as affordable as some of the cheaper generators? You should ask all these questions when you are buying equipment that can often times be at least a couple hundred dollars. You should not just go buying the first generator set that the salesman tells you. If you would want to consider Champion generator sets try to look at champion generator reviews. The 3000w champion portable generator might just be the one that suits your needs and your budget.

Here is a full review of why we think the champion can be a good alternative to other expensive generator sets out on the market. Champion Power Portable Generator Review

Champion Power Generator Product Details

  • Quiet – Only 58 Dba, great for campsites, cabins, tailgating and more
  • Lightweight – Only 80 lbs. with built in wheels and fold away handle
  • Inverter Technology – Economy Mode – Engine automatically idles lower when electrical load reduced, saving fuel and engine wear
  • Operates for 8 hours on full tank of gas at 25% load
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


  1. User-friendly – It is not that hard to operate. There is a panel which has all the labels and functions that can let you easily operate the equipment.
  2. Build and Design – The design is ergonomic and it really looks like a machine that can withstand heavy duty work. It looks small and seems not to be a workhorse of a machine but do not be deceived by the way it looks. If you are expecting to see a rugged looking and generator set like the old diesel generators, you will be surprised as to how petite and easy on the eyes this looks.
  3. Light Weight – It only weighs 80 pounds and it has wheels which make it more maneuverable for transfer.
  4. Quiet – With the power that you get from this generator set it is definitely one of the quietest generators in the market. 7000 watt generator sets are expected to be a lot noisier when in operation but the solution to noise problems from generator sets is to buy gas engines which are in the range of 2000-4000 watts. This is the perfect answer to noise pollution problems in your neighborhood.
  5. Efficiency Mode – It has a state of the art economy inerter technology mode which lets the engine automatically go idle when you use it with lesser electricity load. This kind of technology needs to be incorporated or installed in all generator sets so that you save on gas and you do not overload/overuse your equipment.
  6. Warranty – a 2 year warranty comes with the product purchase. Some Chinese made products come with 30 day warranties only. This is particularly a good move from the manufacturers since it is made in China.
  7. Price – One of the major factors which you can consider to be a good point with this Champion generator is that it is one of the more affordable options out in the market. It can usually be bought for a little less than a thousand dollars.. As compared to a Honda or a Westinghouse, this generator set is a lot cheaper.


  1. Run Time – As published it is supposed to run up to 8 hours on a full tank of gas. This is acceptable but it can only run 8 hours if you use it at 25% load, below the average generator fuel consumption. So, that means you will only be able to use a couple of lights and probably a small TV and an electric fan to keep you company during outages. The run time is one major factor which their engineers should consider improving to be able to compete with generators from Westinghouse which can run up to 14 hours on a full tank of gas.
  2. Power – It only supplies 3000 watts of power which is quite expected from something this size. Because of this, if you try to use it beyond its capacity, there is a possibility that the engine might stall and stop because of overload.

Who Should Buy The Champion Power?

This is recommended for homeowners who are tight on the budget. It is definitely one of the most affordable portable generator sets out in the market. For you to be able to power essential appliances during a power outage, this is the best product for you.

Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator Review

Why Buy Champion Power Equipment? 

Buy it because it is affordable and at the same time has a 2 year warranty. If this was affordable but only came with a 30 day warranty, we would not recommend that you buy it. But since it has a 2 year warranty, this can be a good investment which is not that expensive. Buy it also because it is quiet. If you want a mid-sized portable generator set that can power essential appliances this is perfect for you. The power wattage on this is not too high which means that it won’t be that noisy. In fact it is really quiet.

Overall Impression

Overall, this is truly a great buy mainly because it is affordable, portable, quiet and has a 2 year warranty. It has some disappointments but it is still a bang for the back because of the feature that you get from it.

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