Black Max 7000 Watt Generator Review

When a storm rolls in or you are planning a big RV trip, the last thing you need to deal with is a generator that cannot keep up with your demands. At 7000 watts, most people would think that the Black Max generator is able to keep up, but will it truly do all that you need for it to? Read the Black Max portable generator review to find out.

Features of the Black Max 7000 Watt Generator

Black Max Portable Generator

This generator uses a 13.5hp, Honda GX390 engine to give it the 7000 running watts. It also features a spark arrestor muffler so that it is quieter than many other generators. It can run for up to 10 hours if you are using a half load capacity, which means it should carry you through most of the overnight hours or if you are trying to keep up with the storm via your radio.

The whole thing is very portable thanks to the fact that it features a zero gravity frame with tires that never go flat. The way it is designed, means that even though it does weigh 300 pounds, you will not have to feel as though you are lugging it around when taking it from the garage to your nearest power supply for your home.

It provides you with a 4-in-one digital display that tells you how long you have been using it, the voltage, the hertz, and how much longer it will run before you have to worry about fuel.

As a bonus, there is also a built in battery maintainer, which ensures that when the generator is plugged into an outlet with power, it keeps a fully maintained charge. This means that when the power goes out on you, your generator will be ready and able to power up your home. All that you need to provide is a standard extension cord to plug it in with when the power is back on.Black Max Generator Power Supply For Home

Black Max generators are gas powered. This makes it very convenient for people who do not want to have to hunt for gasoline when rough weather may be on the way. However, you can opt to use other types of gas in it by using a converter to switch it to other types of gas.

Does The Black Max Generator Meet Expectations?

Black Max Generator ReviewAccording to most people who have left Black Max generator reviews, this generator can meet or exceed all of their expectations. They like how simple it is to use and everyone states that it has the power that they had hoped. Many of them have used it on air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, and even heating systems all at once and they do claim that the generator has no problem keeping up with their demands. However, most do say that it more suitable for household use instead of RV camping trips because the Honda motor and muffler setup is not as quiet as you may be hoping for when camping out and trying to listen to the sounds of nature. This could be both because of the motor and because of a vibration in the heat shield covering over the muffler. Other complaints include the fact that the handle is not always “right”, but it can be fixed with minimal effort. Some say that the gas cap is a little hard to fill because it is in a relatively tight area, especially if you are attempting to wear gloves while you open the tank’s cap.

With all of the “issues” some people have with this generator, everyone acknowledges that it is personal preference issues that they have with it and nothing wrong with the generator as a whole. Therefore, straight across the board, this unit does carry a five star rating.Black Max Generator For Home

Is Black Max Worth the Money?

Investing in a generator means you have to hand over a substantial amount of cash. The Black Max is no different, but if you look at how much it will help you during the next storm induced power outage, it could be the best money you have ever spent, with its 7000 watts of power. The thing is, even though it is portable, you may want to find a place for it and leave it there, especially if your options are to use it at home or in your RV. In general, the Black Max 7000/8750 watt generator is definitely an investment you may want to consider making.

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