Best Propane Generators

When the power goes out in your home, it’s a little late to worry about having a generator on hand. However, many people do not have a generator in their home. Most people choose to have a generator power their RV more often. In the past, most people used gas or diesel in their portable generators, but now those same people are turning to finding the best propane generators they can. Here is why.

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Why Choose Propane?

When you have something like a small Yamaha propane generator, you have certain advantages when it comes to using it in your RV. Some of the main things include that it is cleaner burning, cheaper than other types of fuel, quieter than other generators, and because of the gas bottle, virtually impossible to spill. However, it is worth noting that leaks are possible.

The downside to propane is that it is a little harder to find compared to gas or diesel. Therefore, many people do miss out on most of the benefits of propane due to keeping the propane generators at home. This is a trend that will hopefully diminish as more people learn more about what the best propane generators can do for them when they are out on the open road. Including the fact that some propane generators are able to run off of both propane and gasoline. This means that when you are at home, you can fill up with propane and then when you are out on the road with your RV and you run out, if you cannot find a place that will fill your tank, you can use regular gas instead.

Which Propane Generator Is Best?

If you are looking for propane generators for home, you need to look for certain things. The same is true if you are hoping to find a good one for camping trips and RV use. A home may require more power than one for an RV if you want to run your heat and air, a fridge, television, and more.

Sportsman Gen4000LP

Sportmans Generator for RV

One great, small propane generator, the Sportsman Gen4000LP is ideal for both emergency home use and camping because it gives you 4000 watts of power and two 120v outlets. It runs off of a 20lb propane tank, same as your outdoor grill may use, and it can provide up to 10 hours of power for basic utilities at a half load. If you would like to know more about it, you can check out our full Sportsman review, but many say there are better options than this one.


Generac 6001 LP5500

Generac Propane Generatr

With the Generac propane generator, you have access to 5,500 watts of power. It is CARB compliant, can use both 20 and 30 pound propane tanks and carries the trusted Generac Generator name. It has a 30amp outlet which allows you to connect easily to a manual transfer switch for your home if you need it. There is a low oil shutdown on it so that you do not risk damage to the motor. It has two 120 volt outlets. According to some users it can run up to 7 hours on a half load.


Smarter Tools Propane/Gasoline Generator

Smarter Tools Propane GeneratorThis generator offers 7500 starting watts and up to 6200 watts of continuous power when used with gasoline. With propane you will get about 6750/5580 watts, which is still more than enough power for most people when they are camping or using it around their home. It uses an electric start motor and runs with a noise output of 72 dB. It is CARB compliant and EPA approved. When using gasoline, you can fill up with approximately 6.6 gallons and run at a 50% load for about 9 hours total.


DuroMax  18 HP Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax Hybrid Generator

This is one generator that offers a lot of power. It is a full 10000 watts of power to be exact. All this power is backed by an 18hp engine and a cast iron sleeve. It is very quiet at 72 dB when running and it is EPA approved. With it you get double the run time of other generators because of its dual tank setup that allows you to have both fuels on hand at all times.