Best 2000 Watt Generator

When choosing a generator, most people want enough power to keep their fridge cold and television or radio powered. Most people only end up without power when something major is going on like a hurricane or some other type of storm passing through. For times when you are in your RV, you may still want enough power to turn on the fridge, but you may also want to have other accessories powered up as well. Perhaps that is why so many people like 2000 watt generators. Check out our picks for best 2000 watt generator to see if it offers the right amount of power for your needs.


Yamaha Portable Generator


Honda Parallel Generator


Generac iQ 2000 Portable Marine Generator


WEN Generator For Travel Trailer

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51.5dB at 1/4 load
53db at 1/4 load
1600 running/2000 starting watts
51 decibels at 1/4 load
10.5 hours runtime on 1/4 load
Runs 8.1 hours at 1/4 load
7.7-hour runtime at 1/4 load
6 hours runtime at half load
44 pounds
47 pounds
46 Pounds
48 pounds

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Why is the 2000W Generator Most Popular?

According to most 2000 watt generator reviews, the people who purchase it are looking for a good, reliable power source to ensure that they can power the essentials. They are not hoping to spend a small fortune to power up a neighborhood with power. They simply want to have running water, flushing toilets, cold drinks, fresh food, and the ability to charge up their cellphones or laptops. A 2000 watt generator has the ability to give you the power that you need, but it remains affordable because it does not provide enough power to run everything in the house. In other words, you pay for what you need.

Are 2KW Generators Portable?

Another reason that people love the 2000 watt generators that are available now is the fact that most are very portable. They can be used on RVs or on homes when the power goes out. They require very little gas and they are able to run for several hours on a tank of fuel. Some of them often allow you to use multiple fuel types to get more fuel efficiency, but most people do prefer to stick with the gasoline powered generators since it is a fuel type that is easily available in many areas.

Is It Worth Paying More for Name Brands?

There are some people who feel that a name brand matters. There are others who feel that if you look at a 2000 watt inverter generator comparison, you will discover that they are all basically the same, just some have a high-end name and price. All of these generators above are carb compliant, weigh approximately the same, are all quieter than many generators, and have at least 2000 watts of power.