Atima Generator Review – Powered By Yamaha

Atima Side Of Generator UnitOne of the biggest complaints or hesitations in purchasing a Honda or Yamaha portable inverter generator is the price. Both of these units cost roughly the same and are usually over the $1,000 mark. Atima Generators offer the same quality Yamaha power at a more affordable price point. Yes, that’s right, the Atima AY 2000 inverter generator is powered by Yamaha, yet offers its’ own unique housing and additional external features.

Atima AY 2000 Features

Atima 2000 Paired With Larger Unit

Atima 2000 Paired With Larger Unit

As we’ve mentioned the power house behind this unit is a Yamaha motor, the same one you’d see in the EU2000i. The 2000W unit is parallel capable and can be paired with any unit in the Atima Family. This is a unique feature that generators such as the Honda cannot accommodate. Most generators require that paralleled units be of the same size/output. Because this unit can be paralleled with larger units, this makes the Atima family of generators ideal for just about any use. Have a 15K BTU air conditioner to power? No problem, pair two 2,000 Watt Atima AY generators together, coupled with a RV-ready receptacle and you’re ready to go. Atima AY 2000 Generator Front Some might be quick to question why on earth you’d want to buy two generators just to power a AC unit, but again, it comes back to price. You can purchase TWO Atima generators for slightly more than ONE Yamaha. Not only are you getting more for your money, but you also provide redundancy with this purchase. On the off chance one of the Atima’s were to go down, you’d have a backup for the refrigerator, lights, etc. Of course, this isn’t a likely scenario, but we also realize those (like us) who purchase generators are also likely to be the same who prefer backups.

Atima Vs Yamaha Exterior

The exterior and operational panel of the Atima is where the biggest difference between the two generators lies. The Atima offers a standard manual pull style choke and a recoil start. Once started, you’ll find an Eco mode which will operate at 52 decibel. As we’ve seen as result of our many inverter generator video reviews, this is on the lower end of the scale. See our video below how the inverter generators stack up in terms of noise and power output. We will be adding an Atima Video review in the near future.

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Noticeable Difference

Parallel Capable Atima GeneratorsThe biggest difference on the front of the Atima vs the Yamaha is the DC receptacle. The Atima AY 2000 utilizes a cigarette lighter style 12V whereas the Yamaha offers a smaller standard sized outlet receptacle. In our opinion, the cigarette lighter style is more practical for those in smaller travel trailers or camping because most battery chargers or jump start kits accommodate this style plug. You’ll also notice on the front of each unit the presence of ports for parallel capability. As we mentioned previously, this is necessary when combining multiple units to power up larger devices like a travel trailer AC unit. Atima Powered By Yamaha Generator

Atima Generator Bottom Line

If you’re someone looking for the best bang for your buck AND a trusted name-brand motor, then the Atima is an easy choice. The Atima is usually about 15-25% cheaper than an identical sized Yamaha EU2000i. The AY 2000i is ultra portable, weighing in at 47.5 lbs. Even more important the the portability of this unit is the power deliver. The 2000 Atima provides clean energy, which is critical when powering sensitive items like laptops, phones, and other electronics. Needless to say, this is the perfect unit for someone who wants to own one of the best inverter generators at an even more affordable price point.