Are Caterpillar Generators for Sale Worth It?

Anyone who works around heavy machinery can tell you about Caterpillar. They are a well-known company that specializes in all types of machinery that people rely on when they are trying to lift, move, or pick up just about anything. Large farms will use them as harvesters and large companies will use them for transporting materials. They are used by people who are building bridges and can handle all other types of big jobs. What most people do not realize is that they also manufacture generators.

Popular CAT Generators

CAT RP 3600

CAT RP 3600

Three of the most popular CATs are the RP3600, the RP5500, and the RP7500. All of them are gas powered and portable for your convenience when you need to take it to a job site. All are EPA compliant, but there are CARB compliant versions of these generators available as well. The largest, the 7500W generator has six outlets for you to use for your electric equipment, the other two have five outlets. One outlet on the largest two also includes a 240V 30a outlets. All are Twist-Lock receptacles.

There is a 3-year limited warranty on them for parts and service for the full term. All will come to you ready to run. They include all assembly tools, engine oil, and a funnel to make it easier on you to get started. The larger units are electric start, which means that they will start up easily.

As to their ability to run; the 3600 has the smallest tank size and holds 4.5-gallons of fuel. However, it can run for 13.5 hours at a 50% load capacity. More power means you need a larger tank. The largest generators hold 7.9 gallons and run approximately 11-12 hours on a single tank at a 50% load capacity.

Each have other features that make them ideal for use on job sites, RVs, and homes. Automatic voltage regulations and LED displays ensure you can use it without worry whether you have set it up correctly.

CAT 5500 W/ 240 Outlet

CAT 5500 W/ 240 Outlet

How Does CAT Compare to Others?

The Caterpillar generators are an excellent choice according to most owners. They have enough power to work well in virtually all situations whether you are working or playing. These machines are durable and dependable power sources. They set up easily and work without issues, right out of the box. They are also very popular for their ability to operate quietly, which is something most other generators cannot do. Perhaps that is why they all hold a rating of 4+ stars.

There are other brands of generators out there that have high ratings and the same amount of power. There are generators that are more well-known. However, most do not come with everything you need, except for the gasoline, to get it powered up and running. Some have comparable warranties. The take away is, these other generators will cost you more to purchase or not be as dependable as the CAT. The small generator is under $500 and the largest can be yours for just over $1,000. Why pay more for the same amount of power, especially when CATs are so well known for their dependability?

Caterpillar 7500Watt

Caterpillar 7500

Are Caterpillar Generators Worth It?

As you read through the owner reviews, you will quickly discover that these generators are something that most people love using. Our personal opinion is that Caterpillar has been around and provided people with heavy equipment long enough that their quality is not questionable. We feel that anything with the CAT logo is worth taking a second look at.

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