Pulsar Products Generator Review

When you are camping in your RV or at home and the power goes out; the last thing you want to have to deal with is your faulty, barely working generator. You want a generator that does what it is supposed to do. You want to know that if a storm rolls in, your family will be comfortable and your food will stay fresh, no matter how long the power stays off. That is why many people are turning to Pulsar Products and their generators. If you have not given them the consideration that you should, now is the time to check out our Pulsar Products generator review. It might save you from buying a generator that may let you down.

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About Pulsar Products

Pulsar Products Equipment Line

When it comes to generators and you want a solid performing unit; you should keep Pulsar Products in mind. They are North America’s leading power equipment manufacturer and promise to have the best compressors, pressure washers, and generators. They have reached this status by perfecting the equipment that they create for the last 100 years. They have a warranty that proves they back their products 100% and, the best part is, they are still growing as a company and improving their products. It is their commitment to providing reliable equipment and satisfying their customers.

How Do Pulsar Generators Compare To Others?

When it comes to a warranty that you can count on, both Honda and Yamaha require you to jump through hoops to get your product covered. It depends on the time you purchased it and what exactly is wrong with it. Generac gives you a two-year warranty on their products, as long as they can see that it was an issue that resulted from an issue when they built it. With Pulsar Products, you get a 3-year warranty on all mechanical parts. The catch is, you must register it within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to kick in.

If you are concerned more about the initial cost of the generator, you will be happy to know that Pulsar Products generators are more cost effective than the other types of generators on the market. Many of them can be purchased for less than $500, depending on the size that you want.

Why People Ultimately Choose Pulsar Products Generators

If the better price and better warranty do not give you a reason to consider this brand of generator, you should take what current owners have to say into consideration. On average, most people are truly happy that they purchased their generator and love using it. There are a variety of reasons people ultimately choose them. Therefore, we are including this information in our Pulsar generator review.

Best Pulsar Products Generators

Pulsar PG1202s

Pulsar 1200

This Pulsar 1200 watt generator has a 2-stroke, air cooled motor and can run up to 8.5 hours on a half load. It has a recoil start system and a 12V DC output. When you look at thoughts from other people, you will find that they feel it is a good generator for the money. They purchased it for use with oxygen tanks and running tools. Some say it is a little noisy and perhaps a little weak for what they were wanting, but on the whole, most seem to think it is worth owning.


Pulsar PG2000iS

Pulsar Products Portable Generator

This Pulsar portable generator has 2000W. The peak rating is 1600W. It has only a 1.18-gallon tank but it can run for up to 6.3 hours on a half load. It is regularly priced at less than $500 and though it does not have many reviews, the few you will find on the internet state that it is a great unit that is extremely portable.


Pulsar PG3250

Pulsar Generator 3250 Reviews

When it comes to Pulsar generator 3250 reviews you will find that it holds an average rating of 3.5-stars. It is very cost effective to own and has two 120V 20A outlets. It is powered with a recoil start, and most people state that it is well worth the price. You will also find that many people say it is very reliable and they are glad that they purchased it.


Pulsar PG7500B

Pulsar 7500W Portable or Home Generator

This is a dual fuel capacity generator that uses both gasoline and LPG (dual fuel generator). It has an electric starting system and runs off a 13HP single cylinder motor. It has four 120V outlets and more. Many owners have had it for over a year and still say it works great. The biggest issue is that starting on propane is difficult.


Pulsar PG7000DOF

PG7000 Generator

When power truly matters, you may want to consider this diesel powered generator that has 7000W output and a 10HP motor. It is a little higher in price, but it is reliable. However, it does not have a remote start system.